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About Us

When you come to work in the morning, you need to know your tools will give you a great finished product. But that's not all. You need tools that make it easier to get things done quickly and efficiently. And at Tapco Tools, we understand.

We have been serving the needs of building professionals for decades. That's why our products aim to give you a positive experience, in addition to an unparalleled bend or cut. Ergonomic handles, lightweight yet durable structures, and thoughtful options make our products welcome additions to many jobsites.

After all, we understand that our success depends on your success. That's why you can always look to Tapco Tools for:

  • Durable, well-engineered tools and accessories
  • Exceptional order accuracy and customer support
  • Greater than 99% on-time delivery
  • Industry-leading innovation

 We're proud that many of our customers continue to use their first Tapco brake or saw table after more than 10 or 20 years, and we hope they will still be using them decades from now.